“Why those who want Muslim votes shun it?”: Yogi Adityanath answers Oppositions over his abba jaan remark

News Desk: In an interview, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath, on Wednesday, said that ‘abba jaan’ is not an unparliamentary word and asked his Oppositions the reason why they shun when it comes to Muslim votes. He also accused the Samajwadi Party of its association with riots, hooliganism and anarchy and also claimed that he will get re-elected as chief minister after assembly polls.

What is the reason behind Akhilesh Yadav’s displeasure over ‘abba jaan’ remark? What message you want to give?

“I have not taken any names. They want Muslim votes, why should they shun it? Is it an unparliamentary word? It is not. No one should have any problem with it. The message is clear. People understand it. I do not have to make them understand. Those who are naive will not understand it”

Is there a possibility of change in chief minister like what happened in Uttarakhand and Gujarat?

“The BJP is a democratic party. It is the biggest party in the country and the world. We believe that party is more important than a person and the country is more important than the party.

The BJP is not a family’s party. I am the CM today and may work as a common worker tomorrow. It’s not the post but the work of a person is important in this party. If you prove your worth, you will be the part of the arrangement, otherwise, you will be placed where you fit. This is the party’s ideology”

Akhilesh Yadav said that his party will win 400 seats…..

“He does not know the counting. He must have seen on Twitter or his survey team might have told him that they are lagging on 400 seats. The way he talks shows his frustration. He is threatening officers but the people are ready to give him the reply.

Nobody in the state considers the SP a decent party. The party was synonymous with the riots, loot, fear, hooliganism, anarchy and grabbing property. This cannot happen in the BJP regime. BJP will come back to power with more than 350 seats”

No CM got re-elected in UP after assembly polls…….

“I am coming back. What has not happened in the past 35 years will happen next year”

On which issue BJP is going to polls next year?

“Nationalism and development. Other parties including the SP, BSP and the Congress should also compare the work done in their regime with those carried out during the BJP government. Due to a secure and corruption-free atmosphere, everyone is ready to invest in UP now. Nepotism and corruption were the main problems in the state during earlier regimes”

Are we going to see an expansion in your cabinet?

“If any such thing happens, it will reach you also”