Congress leader Digvijaya Singh compared BJP and RSS with Ravana

News Desk: Addressing a conference on communal harmony organised jointly by Congress, Left parties and trade unions in Indore, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh compared the BJP and RSS with Ravana and said that both speak in ten different voices. He alleged that the duo follow the divide and rule policy of British and spread lies to divide Hindus and Muslims.

Digvijaya Singh’s speech

“Ravana had ten faces and he used to speak different things through them. The condition of the Sangh and BJP is the same. On the one hand, Sangh activists spew venom while on the other hand Sangh chief Bhagwat says that the DNA of Hindus and Muslims is the same.

If the DNA of Hindus and Muslims is the same then why communal hatred is being spread and what is the need for issues like love jihad?

BJP and RSS are following the divide and rule policy of the British to divide Hindus and Muslims and spreading lies and illusions in the country.

The fertility rate of Muslims is falling in India. Population of Muslims can never increase in a manner that they will become a majority community outnumbering Hindus.

False propaganda is being spread that due to the continuous increase in the population of Muslims through polygamy they will become a majority community in India while Hindus will be reduced to a minority within the next 10 years.

I challenge Bhagwat and small RSS pracharaks for a public debate on this subject. I will prove that Muslims can never become a majority community in this country leaving behind Hindus as the fertility rate of Muslims is decreasing.

Anyway, it is becoming difficult due to inflation for a common man to sustain his wife and children born to her. In such circumstances, which Muslim can afford to have a family of four wives and children born to them?

The poor man who had come to sell bangles from Uttar Pradesh was first beaten up, then he was made an accused. The thought of booking him under the POCSO Act hit the police three days after the thrashing incident”

RSS compared with Taliban by Congress and RJD leaders

Earlier Karnataka Congress MP, R Dhruvanarayana compared the RSS with Taliban. He said that both are fundamentalist outfits. His comment ended up with protest from the saffron army, but he sticked to his claim.

Bihar RJD president Jagdanand Singh also did the same, i.e., comparing RSS with Taliban. The RJD president said that in India, RSS is Talibani.

Recently, well known lyricist and   Javed Akhtar also did the same comparison and faced the heat. His remarks received criticism from the Hindutva outfits as well as from Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna. Huge security has been deployed outside his residence.