Farmers Protest: Karnataka CM and UP BJP MP alleged sponsoring of farmers protest by foreign agents

News Desk: UP BJP MP Akshayvar Lal Gond and Karnataka chief minister Basavaraj Bommai alleged that either the Congress or foreign agents are sponsoring the farmers protest.

Allegations by Akshayvar Lal Gond

“Tikait is a dacoit. There is no agitation by farmers. The protestors are not farmers, they are people from political parties who are motivated by Sikhistan and Pakistan.

Money is coming from foreign countries including Canada. This money is for terror funding and agencies are probing it.

People know the reality of the protesters. If the real farmers were protesting, then there would have been a shortage of food items. Vegetables, milk, foodgrains, and fruits would not have reached the markets”

Allegations by Basavaraj Bommai

“It is Congress or foreign agents in the country who are the sponsors of the protests by the farmers which are happening in the borders of Delhi and other places”