Mamata Banerjee attacks BJP at a rally in Ranaghat

News Desk: At a rally in Ranaghat on Monday, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee attacked arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party. In addition, she also warned hospitals and nursing homes of cancelling license if they refuse Swastha Sathi. 

Food crisis

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee alleged that the country is suffering from food crisis due to the Bharatiya Janata Party’s adamant nature and demanded immediate removal of the farm laws.

She said “The country is staring at a food crisis. If the BJP continues to remain adamant on the farm laws, there will be a food shortage in our country. The farmers are assets of our country and we should not do anything that goes against their interest” 

Acceptance of Swastha Sathi is mandatory 

The chief minister said that she received complaints that several big hospitals are not accepting the Swastha Sathi. From the rally she warned hospitals and nursing homes of cancelling license if such actions takes place again.

She said “We came to know that several big hospitals said that they won’t accept Swastha Sathi. We’ll have a meeting with them and we’ll let them know that Swastha Sathi is mandatory. And other small nursing homes have to accept it too. Or else we’ve the power to cancel their license” 

BJP is the biggest junk party in the country 

Mamata Banerjee also slammed the BJP and claimed that they are the biggest junk party in the country.

She said “BJP is the biggest junk party in the country. It’s a dustbin party that is filling up its rank and file with corrupt and rotten leaders from other parties. You must have seen some leaders switch over to the BJP. They have done it to protect the public money they had looted. The BJP runs the party like a washing machine, where corrupt leaders turn into saints the moment they join them” 

She added “The BJP is like Donald Trump. Are you not seeing Donald Trump, the way he is refusing to accept defeat? The BJP is exactly the same. The BJP will keep on saying it has won even after defeat. The two are both sides of a coin” 

She further added “They are asking for the birth certificates of our forefathers. How would anyone know? Throw out the party, which is asking for birth certificates of our forefathers, through elections”