Union Home Minister raises the issue of political violence in West Bengal

News Desk: Addressing a rally in Bankura, Union Home Minister Amit Shah raised up the issue of political violence in West Bengal. He also highlighted the killing of 130 workers in the state.

He said “Mamata-ji has a leg injury, it’s not known how she got it. Trinamool Congress calls it a conspiracy, but Election Commission says it was an accident. Didi, you’re roaming around in a wheelchair, concerned about your leg, but not the pain of mothers of my 130 workers who were killed”

He added “I pray you get well soon but it would be nice if you also thought about my workers who have died in violence”

At the same time West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee was addressing a rally in Purulia. She said “I was injured in an incident and some thought I won’t be able to step out with a broken leg. It’s my good luck that I survived. I have a plaster and I cannot walk… The pain of the people is greater than my pain”