Health camp organized by Sankalp Foundation in Corona Situation

Sk Mahammad Imran, Medinipur: Health awareness and health check-up and sugar test were held at Nayagram Benshuli Shabar Para in Midnapore Sadar Block. In this camp 40 women and 12 children were examined. At the same time 4 notebooks, pens and tiffins were handed over to 75 students by the organization.

Uday Chandra Kotal, representative of Lodha Development Cell of West Midnapore District, Jagadish Mallick, President of Lodha / Shabar Kalyan Samiti’s Medinipur Sadar Block and social worker Sk Ezabul were present on the occasion. Also present were Mukti Giri, Munmun Ghosh, Pratima Rana, Nilanjana Sau, Shovon Rana, Rohan Giri, Brishti Sau, Bijoy Das, Aritra Das and others.

Secretary Parmita Sau gave a welcome speech on the occasion.

Chief Advisers Gopal Saha and Uday Kotal wished for the overall success of the program. Essayist, researcher and professor Dr. Shantanu Panda discusses “Women’s Health and Our Duties”.

“What are our duties during pregnancy” means prenatal care is discussed at the Department of Health A. N. M Didi and ASHA Didi Who at the time worked with the well-being of rural women. Pintu Sau thanked everyone present and announced the end of the program. Such initiatives have garnered praise in the area.