Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Taliban established its Indian chapter Tehreek-e-Taliban India

News Desk: Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) has established its Indian chapter Tehreek-e-Taliban India (TTI). The newly formed chapter’s parent organization is a designated terror organization by Pakistan, US and other countries. It is responsible for widespread riots in Pakistan. The Twitter account, which was created in January 2021, published its first post on February 9.

The next day, it said the Emir or the head of the organization would be announced soon. The same day, it said, “The Tehreek-e-Taliban India (#TTI) announced its official activities today, Thursday, following a meeting of its leaders in India.” Later they named Maulana Al Qureshi as their first Emir.

There was a photograph of a poster in the Tweet that was in support of the hijab. The poster read, “Hijab is haya & Haya is Emaan. We can die, but we can’t surrender. We stand with girls in hijab.” The poster also had the logo of Al-Haya-Min-Allah, which, according to its Twitter bio, is a month-long “Haya campaign” allegedly to “spread awareness”. The group has come out in support of hijab-wearing girls. Interestingly, the group being Al-Haya-Min-Allah has distanced itself from TTI and called it an account made by “Sanghis”.

In its tweets, TTI claims that Taliban is a common name and it has nothing to do with Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. It said, “The Indian Taliban is made up of Muslim scholars. And created for peace in India and Kashmir. And so far, thousands of Indian and Kashmiri Muslims have joined it.” It used a distorted map of India with the tweet.