Protest in Maldah’s Chanchal over increasing number of totos

Md Nawaj Shorif, Malda: From the national highway to the state highway, all roads are under toto’s control. As a result, common people cannot walk. There are no passengers on other public transports. All in all, Maldah district administration is also worried about it.

In this situation, the people protested to demand the ban of toto. It is alleged that despite repeated requests to the administration demanding control of toto, no action has been taken. In protest against this, Malda’s Chanchal Sub-division Passenger Forum blocked National Highway 81 and demonstrated. Hundreds of members of that organization participated in this movement on Tuesday.

Protesters clashed with the police when they came to lift the blockade on the national highway of Chanchal city on Tuesday afternoon. In front of the police, the protestors raised their demands to stop illegal totos. Kader Khan, secretary of Chanchal sub-district passenger forum, said, “We bought the car on loan. On top of that, Chanchal City is small. Numerous illegal totos are running, causing problems for ordinary pedestrians and daily passengers.” The protestors complained that buses, trekkers, autos are not being used by anyone due to toto.