“We will not bow our heads before the saffron party”: Mamata Banerjee

News Desk: Addressing a public meeting at Purulia on Tuesday, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee attacked her arch rival Bharatiya Janata Party. She made it clear that her party won’t bow it’s head before the saffron party. She said

“BJP is more dangerous than the Maoists. It is like a venomous snake which will finish you off in a single bite and devour everything that comes its way.

People of Purulia have never accepted outsiders. The BJP leaders misled the Adivasi people of the Jangalmahal area in the state with false promises and did not visit them after winning the Lok Sabha elections. Kick the BJP out when they come to you for votes.

Everyone is welcome on this stage and take a look at this gathering and report if people come to Mamata Banerjee’s meetings or not.

BJP threatening a young Tollygunge actress Sayoni for speaking her mind… They do this in Delhi and UP… But if they try to threaten our cultural personalities in Bengal then we will shut their mouth by putting leucoplasts on their lips.

Those who are jumping ship to the BJP are actually good riddance… Because they would have caused more trouble inside the party… They are the ones with greed unlike you who have not sold your souls… They will come to your house and offer you money for votes, take the money but don’t give them votes.

In a country where people go door to door to earn Rs 1,400, what is the need to build a new parliament building at a cost of Rs 14,000 crore?  

I can do as much as possible with the money I have. I can’t do more than that. Do you know how many crores of rupees it costs to give free ration? Today I am giving free ration, free healthcare, free education, food and water.

Those who want to join BJP can leave but we will not bow our heads before the saffron party. Politics is solemn ideology, philosophy; one can change clothes daily but not ideologies.

BJP leaders are threatening the owner of the media houses to show an opinion poll in their favour. Recently an opinion of a regional channel poll found TMC is crossing the magic-figure of 148 seats in Bengal. But it was not shown and suppressed after being asked by the BJP leaders in Delhi. I believe that such cheap politics will not stop us from winning the upcoming polls.” 

In the middle of the meeting the chief minister for a moment lost her calm due to disturbances created by some people. She said “I have been seeing for a few days that some people are being sent by BJP to create disturbance in our meeting. Now I will send some people to disturb BJP, CPM meetings”